Fragancias Mais, perfumes and air fresheners factory

We sell only to professionals

Bulk perfumes

Perfumes a granel
In our R + D department, expert perfumers develop, with every guarantee, any olfactory product which our customers may demand, with advanced technologies and select raw materials.  

Private labels

Marcas blancas
Fragancias Mais manufactures the perfumes that your company demands, with your own brand and the experience of our experienced perfumers, in its modern plant with more that 2.500 m2, located in Murcia, Spain.

Air Fresheners

A wide variety of household fragrances, for shops, large surfaces and cars, mikados (air fresheners with difusser sticks), electric air fresheners, spray with no gas and car air fresheners. Moreover, we create exclusive aromas which will give personality to your shops.